You could be wasting your precious time by immediately following the first red colored link because links are not everything. Yes, they have great value but you could end up wasting several years chasing an idea that might not be producing what you want. I can't stop you clicking on the backlink checker and leaving this site quicker than you should -but I am going to try my best to engage you by fascinating you with my videos. Some lucky person will find this site and most people won't. That's OK! This was designed for those who kept searching the results and were not satisfied with the answers you were given. There is only one thing you need to know. Once you discover it, you will be on a path to scientific investigation which is a form of curiosity.

   help my websitehelp my website

You need to combine the power of links with content and other things you will figure out yourself by watching some of my videos. The results you will find using a website tool and additional link checking tools only gives half the story. By all means use as many tools as you can find.

The right links can be extremely powerful but I might be able to change the way you think about them forever. I don't expect many of you (including this site) are going to get powerful backlinks from others because research shows that you won't get them organically unless someone is brilliant enough to link to you. These people rare and they still exist but they are few in number and it might take them half a lifetime to find you.

There have been changes in SEO before and after recent updates and the video on Bounce Rate will show you why inbound links are not the only factor to consider. This site can be classified as an educational site because it gives updated technical information on particular topics related to the internet in an easy to understand format. This is the kind of site that really should have links in from .edu sites because students still have minds that are fresh and investigative enough to stand out from the rest. I will be honest with you and tell you that I was encouraged that a Doctorate in Computer Science told me that this site was very helpful. That is all the encouragement I needed to stop working on this site.

The website also attempts to provide the information in a way that can be understood by a wider audience. Design is not important for these kinds of sites. Getting the message out is of most importance because it is truly unique content

Sometimes sparking off an interest in a topic might require us first to present it in easy to understand formats. Further study and investigation can then be performed later if someone really becomes interested.

Who links to me is a question that many people are asking Ω everyday.

Maybe they did not ask the question in precisely that manner because the question could be asked in other ways such as:



                                                             Who links?

                                                         Who links to me?

                                                      Who links to my site?

                                                   Which websites link to me?

                                                Which  sites  are  linking to me?

Notice that I just built a pyramid. There is something called a Link Pyramid. A Pyramid is defined as a Quadrilateral Masonry Mass with Smooth, Steeply Sloping Sides which meet at an Apex. Currently someone is at the top of the Apex. Who is it? Come on! You can at least figure that out by yourself